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Do not let a broken instrument silence your impact on the world of music. Bring your guitar into our instrument repair shop and we'll have you creating music and jamming again in no time. From setup to custom paint and complete restoration, we put more guitars out of our store than most other local shops combined. Whether you're a beginner or a touring pro, we are the go-to choice for guitar repairs, maintenance, and guitar setups.

Chris Ward Todd - Streaming Neck Chris Re-fretting Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar Rates

Restring & Tune $10 Plus Strings
Minimum Bench Fee $20
Basic Setup $35 & Up
Floyd Rose Setup $75
Handmade Bone Nut $50
Replace a Single Pot or Jack $30
Each Additional Pot or Jack $20 Plus the Jack
Replace a Pickup or Switch $10
Each Additional Pickup or Switch $25 Plus the Switch
Replace Tuners $40 + Parts
Fret Level (includes Setup) $100
Re-Fret (includes Setup) $100 & up
Re-Fret with Binding (includes Setup) $150 & up

Acoustic Guitar Rates

Restring & Tune $10
Minimum Bench Fee $20
Basic Setup $35 & Up
12-String Setup $55 & Up
Handmade Bone Nut $55
Custom-Fit Plastic Nut $30
Handmade Bone Saddle $60
Custom-Fit Plastic Saddle $30
Reglue Bridge $75 & Up
Install under Saddle Pickup $50
Replace Tuners $40
Fret Level (includes Setup) $100 & up
Re-Fret (includes Setup) $200 & up
Re-Fret with Binding (includes Setup) $275 & up

Polish Guitar Tuning Pegs and Nut

Setups Are $50-$55 Plus Strings & Tax, & include the following:

  • Restring with Your Choice of Strings
  • Clean &/Or Oil Fingerboard
  • Check & Adjust Intonation
  • Check Tuners & All Hardware
  • Adjust Truss Rod If Needed
  • Check & Adjust Nut Slots
  • Check & Adjust String Height
  • Check Electronics & Pickups
  • Check Frets for Wear & Uniformity
  • Clean & Polish Finish

Actual prices may vary depending on your guitar. These prices apply to guitars in otherwise good working order. Parts, strings, rush fees, and taxes incur an additional charge. We take a lot of pride in our repair shop, and we will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Amp Repairs

Minimum Bench Charge $40
Labor Rate $65 Per Hour
Estimate Fee $20 - 35
Tube Checkup (Includes Re-Tube, Cleaning Pots, & Tube Sockets) $49.99
Repairing Amplifier

Golden Brass Instrument

Brass & Woodwind

Along with string instruments, our head luthier, Todd Connell, can do your brass and woodwind instrument repairs. He handles all the neck sets and instructional repairs.